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Flight Deck is specialised in aviation insurance, both for individuals and for companies. We also assist in claims handling. Regular insurances usually exclude coverage for aviation risks, so coverage needs to be requested with different insurers. This makes aviation insurance a profession in its own right.

Because of her expertise, Flight Deck can offer powerful support and make the difference to get things done. Apart from the required WFT-certificates, Flight Deck possesses several aviation insurance certificates. Flight Deck is also well aware of the latest aviation laws and regulations.

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  • Expert on aviation insurance
  • Knowledge of aviation laws and regulations
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Companies & schools

General information

Hull and liability insurance

We offer liability insurances and aviation hull insurances for both individuals and companies.Liability insurances are often required in aviation; depending on the limits set by the EU (785/2004) there is a minimum required amount of coverage for different weight classes. We also offer hull (all-risk) insurances, which transparantly covers transport, theft, fire and personal damage.

Other insurances

We also offer other insurances for businesses; for example if you have a maintenance company. We also offer business liability-, inventory-, building-, employer liability- and transport insurances.

Claim handling

We are, apart from experienced aviation insurance broker, also an experienced claim handler. When handling claims, we will always put our customers first, and will communicate on behalf the customer to the insurer. In this way claims can be quickly and carefully handled with minimal worry for the customer.


Insurance options
  • Liability (if not a member of the KNVvL)
  • Hull
  • Trailer


In the Netherlands, all glider owners who are a member of the KNVvL, glider department, automatically have a liability insurance. A liability insurance covers damage to businesses or people caused by the glider. Competitive flights, cross-country flights and instruction flights all count as regular glider use, and are thus covered. We can request hull insurance with different European insurers. Hull insurance covers the damage to the glider itself. The premium is determined by the value of the glider, including the instruments, construction year, desired own risk and the experience of the pilot.

Insurance options
  • Liability
  • Hull
  • Hull War coverage


For airplanes we offer liability, Hull and Hull war coverage. Naturally, this comes with the option to insure companies and pilots as well. We collaborate with all major Aviation insurers and service our customers both inside and outside Europe.

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  • Liability
  • Includes mandatory certificate
  • Includes EC 785/2004 clause
  • Hull (all-risk)
  • Temporary coverage of rented or borrowed equipment
  • Other (ground)equipment
  • Dronebuilders coverage


Flight Deck has years of experience on the area of Drone insurances. We offer the best insurances and help our clients handling claims. With Hull coverage (All-risk), ground equipment and camera's can also be insured. This extended coverage is also valid during transport and in storage (at home).

  • Loss of license (LOL)
  • Trainings costs insurance (TREX)
  • Flight instructor insurance
  • Company liability


Flight Deck offers all required insurances for pilots, with the best service/price/quality levels.

Companies & schools

We can manage all insurances for aeroclubs, airlines, and aviation businesses, like maintenance companies and flying schools.

We do not just cover the airplane fleet, but look at the entire company; volunteers, personel, pilots, instructors, buildings, hangars, inventory, board or business liabilities.

Also non-aviation related training institutions, schools and businesses (such as media companies and property brokers) belong to our customer group, especially when it comes to advice on Drone insurance.


If you have damage and you are one of our customers, contact us ASAP.

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