Our network & experience

gives your company a kick-start

Marketing & communication

Flight Deck Consultancy helps your startup grow. All startups want to grow, but fail to do this because they lack experience and a network in the aviation sector. Your focus is to develop your product or service. We help setup the marketing, communication, or a business development plan.

  • Create more publicity for your aviation startup
  • Representing your business on marketing events
  • Make contact with possible investors
  • Create a marketing, communication or business development plan
  • Active or passive support during the sales & marketing process.

How to make your startup grow in the aviation sector?


Analysis of current position


Create marketing or communication plan


Set short- and long-term goals


Implementation and contact with network

Project portfolio

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Meandair BV

Meandair is an engineering start-up in Delft involved in building a weather satellite service for pilots called Radair4d. I help this start-up defining their Social Media & Marketing Strategy and building their name and network. Via my existing Network I connect them to potential Investors or other partners. Its very rewarding to be part of this international team and hopefully bringing them to the next business level.

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Avy BV

Avy is a start-up that is developing a drones for good drone. This drone will be able to help people and preserve nature. One of the projects of Avy is to develop a medical drone, delivering medicine. I have helped Avy in selecting the right events to be present and actively worked as a Business Developer. Its a special company wanting to help the word and I am happy to have been part if the team. I still act as a ambassador for this start-up.

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Silverwing Aeronautics

Silver Wings is a team of engineers from TU Delft developing an all-electric personal VTOL aircraft for GoFly Prize and beyond. I am proud to be a sponsor of this start-up and I act as an advisor of their Drone Insurance.

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AviAssist Foundation

AviAssist Foundation is a foundation offering safety training to Aviation Professionals in Africa. As a volunteer I support this foundation on the area of Marketing & Communication especially as far as Events are concerned. I support them because Flight Safety is very important and I really like to make a difference.

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Passie voor vliegen

Passion of Flying is a conference developed for the General Aviation. From 2012 interesting speakers and organisations have contributed to this conference. The first edition was in 2012 in partnership with justairborne.com. At the moment Passie voor Vliegen is assisting actual conferences like the Nederlands General Aviation Symposium.

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Falcon Robotics

Falcon Robotics is a start-up based in Dubai specialised in autonomous flying, Drones & Robotica. I am supporting this start-up in Marketing & Communication questions. It is good to see this company grow.